nullLent...The Beginning

The story of Jesus’ transfiguration stands at the threshold of Lent. We encounter the first shadows of Gethsemane in the drowsy disciples and catch the first echoes of the walk toward Golgotha in Jesus’ footsteps ascending the mountain. Eight days before this climb, Jesus told his disciples of his resolve to face suffering, rejection, and death in Jerusalem before being raised on the third day.

As we begin to earnestly prepare for Lent on Ash Wednesday—we reveal in the joy shared in our Lord’s obedience to the will of God that evokes the overwhelming pleasure of God the Father at the Transfiguration.  We walk to the mountaintop with the disciples at Jesus’ side, to listen for testimony regarding Christ in the law and prophets, and to hear God’s affirmation. We are invited to experience love and grace flowing freely, from our transfigured Lord. Going forward we take with us hope, strength, faith and awe as we begin to settle into the long journey of Lent.

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Pastor Thomas D. Prochaska

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