Our Lenten journey continues…

Members and friends of Trinity have had the honor and privilege of experiencing many baptisms over the last few months. Every baptism is a wonderful celebration not only for parents and sponsors (and the extended baptismal family) but also for the whole congregation. At baptism remember the importance of our baptism as a daily gift---reminding us who we are and whose we are, in Christ Jesus.
At baptism these words stand out: “Child of God, you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever. Amen.”
Many Christians, since the second century, have marked themselves with the cross of Christ. It is a sign of blessing, and as sign of the remembrance of baptism. Some of us have grown up in congregations where the sign of the cross was taught to us by our pastor, while others of us worshipped in congregations that did not use of the “sign of the cross” in worship. Either way, the “sign of the cross” has been beneficial for many Christians in worship and in personal prayer life.
To make the sign of the cross, one touches the forehead, the mid-section, one shoulder and then the other shoulder and ends again at the midsection—the heart.  It doesn’t matter which shoulder is touched first, nor does it matter which hand—right for left—is used in making the sign of the cross.
In worship the sign of the cross may be used at Confession and Forgiveness, at the Invocation, during Holy Communion (upon receiving the Bead and Wine the Body and Blood of Christ) at the conclusion of the Sermon (as the Pastor ends the sermon with the Trinitarian Blessing) and whenever the cross symbol + is printed in the liturgy—such at the Sending Blessing.
In the Season of Lent, with Easter beginning this weekend we continue our focus on the cross and the resurrection of Christ the Gospel—Good News. Our worship offers opportunities to make the ancient signing of the cross part of our journey of faith in worship and in prayer. May the “sign of the cross” move us ever closer to the celebration of God’s forgiveness, grace and mercy as we celebrate our Risen Lord and Savior at our celebration of Easter!
In Christ,
Pastor Thomas D. Prochaska
Interim Pastor       

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