Church Council

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member congregation of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  The power and authority of the congregation is exercised through the congregational meeting which is called and conducted in conformity with civil laws and the provisions of the Constitution and by-laws of the Congregation.

The Congregation elects a Church Council of twenty-four members (eight each Deacons, Trustees and Elders) for terms of three years each, with about one-third of the terms expiring annually, to oversee the operation of the church.  No member of the Church Council can hold office for more than one term and is not eligible for Council membership again until at least one year has elapsed, unless that person is a temporary appointment by the Council to fill a vacancy that has occurred that particular year.

The election for members of the Church Council takes place at the October meeting of the Congregation.  A nominating committee (elected at the annual meeting) nominates one or more candidates for each office to be filled.  Any communing and voting member who has held active membership in the Congregation for at least one year is eligible to be on the Church Council.  Newly elected members take office on January 1.

Special duties of members of the Church Council are as follows:

TRUSTEES: They have charge of and watch over the properties of the Congregation; see to it that all needed repairs and improvements are made and sign all legal documents.  They make expenditures for repairs, building, and grounds equipment, and needed improvement within the amount provided in the annual approved budget.

DEACONS: They have charge of the counting and recording of offerings and contributions at the services; have a special interest in and full knowledge of the Congregation's financial matters; are responsible for the proper administration and/or execution of such matters and see that the poor and needy in the Congregation are provided for.  They have charge of the records of the congregation.

ELDERS: They assist the Pastor in all matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare of the congregation; assist the Pastor, when necessary, in visiting the sick; see that the Word of God is preached in its truth and purity; see that ample provision is made for the instruction of the youth and that all necessary discipline is exercised.



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