First, please allow me to thank once again the persons who so graciously agreed to be nominated for the call committee. Persons elected to represent our congregation are listed below.

Call Committee Member

Age Demographic

Church Service Most Attended

Sue Phelan (Council President)

46 - 55

Saturday 5.30pm

Ed Goodfellow

36 – 45

Sunday 11:00 am

Jason Jobb

36 – 45

Sunday 11:00 am

Cindy Maynard


Saturday 5:30 pm

Larry Reich


Sunday 8:30 am

Mandy VanCauwenberge

36 – 45

Sunday 11:00 am  

Youth Representatives Representing the Youth Voice / Christian Education Committee

Erika Deiters, Jackye Hartmann, Lisa Jaworek

On Wednesday evening, October 10, 2018, the call committee met with Pastor Tom Prochaska and Pastor Ray Legania of the Metropolitan Chicago Synod.  Pastor Legania outlined the process for calling a pastor for the committee.  Additionally, the committee drafted a meeting schedule.  The goal is to meet every other week until the process is completed. 

Please continue to keep our Trinity family in your prayers as we move through the call process. 

Thank you,

Sue Phelan

Council President